Thursday, September 02, 2004


I'm off to :::COLLEGE BRIEFING::: this weekend, so blogging will be nil--not that I blog that often on weekends anyway, but you know.

HUA MEI HAS TWINS!! - American-born panda?delivers twins in China - Sep 2, 2004

I remember when Hua Mei was born--so cute! Now she' a mom. Amazing!

Update: I committed a blogging faux pax and forgot to mention that this link is courtesy of Relevant Magazine.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Well, the games are over. My obsession is over. Therefore, the medal table from Athens Olympic Games Blog is going away today. It was a good games. Greece did great work (though I find it humorous that while Greek paganism was very present, Greek orthodoxy was absent from the opening and closing ceremonies--odd). Now it's back to WNBA.

Monday, August 30, 2004


Funny. I’ve discovered that I have a lot of trouble converting my Retreat Reflections (currently in splat poetry) into propositional statements. I guess that’s the other side of the “don’t-get-poetry” coin. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll have time this weekend at College Briefing (between time with students, other leaders, doing homework, sleeping, walking, worshiping, etc). We’ll see. For now, I’ll stick with the splat poetry:

Reflection 1

Reflection 2

Reflection 3


I updated my summary/response of Journey Towards Relevance over on What I'm Reading.


Well, another Summer Games is complete. I've yet to watch the closing ceremonies--I decided sleep was more important. Once again, USA has the most. Yeah us.

Saturday the news people were blathering on about how the Olympics shows that humans can live in peace with one another. What a crock. Are they blind? The Olympics is not peace, simply channeled and controlled competition; it is not peace. Unchanneled and uncontrolled competition is called war. You can't have real peace without God. Sounds sappy, but it is true nonetheless. Left to ourselves, we all desire to be god. A bunch of people who each believes himself/herself to be god cannot live in peace, because someone must win. It reminds me of Highlander: there can be only one. Left to its own devices, humanity would destroy itself in the struggle for divinity.