Wednesday, August 25, 2004


I'm messing with the colors and font size... and I barely know what I'm doing, so if something bugs you about the look of the blog, let me know. I make no promises, though.

MEDAL COUNT--what's real?

Looking at the Athens Olympic Games Blog - Full Medal Table and realizing how many medal winners go to school and receive their training in the US, I wonder what our medal count really is. Just a thought.


A quote from the August 20 Fast Company First Impression email may explain why removing the denominational title from one'’s church is not necessarily a good idea.

"Branding is a way of articulating the core values of the corporation."
—Chris Riley, Founder, Studioriley [Excerpted from Fast Company | The Good Brand]

Maybe instead of removing denominational “branding”, we need to put more effort into explaining the core values behind the branding. There’s a thought.

Time to break out that paper on American Baptists that I composed for Historical Theology...

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Yesterday and today I am (was) working registration at Biola University, so blogging is zip. Classes start this week, the students--bunches and bunches of them--are coming/coming back. Kinda reminds me of the church year when it switches to "regular time." Well, for those of us who work in education, fall is the return to regular time. Let the transition begin...