Friday, May 07, 2004

Pictures, finally...

I finally put a couple new pictures up at The Fotolog. It is an unfortunate thing, but today begins Signs of Summer... pretty, but ug.

Is it summer yet?

Now, don't get me wrong. I love being a student. I love Talbot. I love it all. But I am tired. You see, it's project season. I've got two due tomorrow and one due a week from Monday. I haven't had a real day off since January. I haven't had enough sleep in at least two weeks. Duty keeps me going. The knowledge that summer--and SHORT FRIDAYS*--is around the corner makes it bearable (you know, that old 'light at the end of the tunnel' thing). Despite its being bearable, though, I am beginning to sleep--sort of--at random moments in the day. You know, when your mind takes a mini vacation and you suddenly realize you've been doing nothing for who knows how long. I just keep telling myself, "Only one more week. Only one more week. Only one more week. Only one more week. Only one more week. Only one more week. Only one more week. Only one more week. Only one more week. Only one more week. Only one more week. Only one more week. Only one more week. Only one more week. Only one more week."

It is enough...

*For the uninitiated, short Fridays are an amazing benefit for employees of Biola University. All summer, we work half days on Friday and get paid for a full day. Did I forget to mention that I also love Biola?

Thursday, May 06, 2004


Intent is a noun, meaning “something that is intended; an aim or purpose.” There are external clues to a person’s intent, but no one on the outside of the person—and sometimes the person themselves—can determine the true intent. Intent, if it can clearly be judged on this earthly plain, can only be determined by the individual.

Intent is also an adjective meaning “firmly fixed; having the attention applied; engrossed; having the mind and will focused on a specific purpose.”

Misunderstand means to “understand incorrectly; to misinterpret.” This often happens when the adjectival form of “intent” is in place and the mind and will are engaged in something that is frankly outside the time stream.

Thoughtless is an adjective meaning “marked by or showing lack of due though or care.” Thoughtless applies to actions taken without due consideration (see synonym/usage stuff here).

One question is, who determines the extent of “due consideration.” Are there societal norms? Is it individually determined? If so, which individual, the one doing the action or the one to whom the action is being done? Both? Is determining “due consideration” a result of consensus building? Majority rule? Rank?

Another question: How does one determine culpability for and extent of the condition? If one is intent on something outside the time stream (such as pondering a work problem while one is at home), leading to misunderstanding, to what extent is the individual culpable for any apparent thoughtlessness?

Maybe that’s the reason for the “one anothers” in Paul’s epistles:
1. Be devoted, give preference Romans 12:10
2. Be of the same mind Romans 12:16; 15:5
3. Owe only love Romans 13:8
4. Don’t judge Romans 14:13
5. Build up Romans 14:19
6. Accept Romans 15:7
7. Admonish Romans 15:14; Colossians 3:16
8. Serve through love Galatians 5:13
9. Bear burdens Galatians 6:2
10. Show tolerance for/bearing with Ephesians 4:2; Colossians 3:13
11. Be kind toward Ephesians 4:32
12. Speak in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs Ephesians 5:19
13. Be subject to Ephesians 5:21
14. Regard the other as more important Philippians 2:3
15. Don’t lie to Colossians 3:9
16. Abound in love for 1 Thessalonians 3:12; 4:9; 2 Thessalonians 1:3
17. Encourage and build up 1 Thessalonians 5:11
18. Live in peace with 1 Thessalonians 5:13

Frankly, too often we who trust Christ’s grace and mercy do not respond by showing grace and mercy to our fellow believes. Some of these sound all too familiar—in me first, and in other believers.

Back to the “word study.” Maybe it’s all semantics. If that were true, I’d say, “Hang the semantics!” But sometimes semantics aren’t just semantics. Sometimes the issue is not the issue. Communication is messy. Relationship is messy. From the outside we can only see clues to the internal world of our fellow humans; we do not see that internal world. In fact, as I stated above, the individual does not see their own internal world with accuracy—only God can do that. When we jump to conclusions (this is called, judging, by the way) and make assessments (AKA accusations), we assume a capacity we do not have. And I do mean WE. It’s a human condition. All the same, this is not an excuse, just an explanation. Despite the explanation, those who trust Christ must stop acting like jerks. All too often our behavior is shameful.

Shame on me. Shame on you. Shame on us all.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004


I actually did get an A on the take home exam--yippee! (Read the original blog here.)

I guess I might have some clue about this afterall--at least on paper. I definitely need more thinking and reading and writing on the subject. The last paper for the class in a narrative study of an individual--looking at their life through the lens of human and faith development. My particular question for this paper is "How can the church help collegians transition to owned faith and thus slow or stop the post-highschool hemorrhage?"

If you have any thoughts, please leave comments!!

Good thought for the end of the semester

I came across this in my blog surfing today.
"Our study of theology isn't doing its job if it isn't making God bigger and us smaller."

I am currently finishing up my tenth semester in seminary (I work fulltime, so am on the six-year plan). One of the greatest hazards of seminary training is theological arrogance. Too often I have such arrogance. Sometimes, conviction is confused for arrogance, but often arrogance is passed off as conviction.

Somewhere there is a balance between conviction and theological arrogance. I thank those (like Brad) who help me to find that place when I've lost track of it.

Thanks to the Jollyblogger for the above quote. Read the rest here.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

News on the new millionaire

Back on April 15, my roommate Ann won a million from (See the original blog entry here.) Today she is in New York, where she tried for the $25,000,000. She didn't get it--bummer. Funny thing, though. She missed the winning number by 1--yes, one! Oh the tragedy of it all :).

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Emerging Worship

Godd description of emerging/postmodern worship from Fred Peatross:

"A postmodern worship service probably is more like a stack of pancakes than a string of pearls."
Read the rest here.