Friday, February 13, 2004


Why do people put links up that lead to things like "under construction" or "we'll be back"? Frankly, it'd be better to put something--anything--useful on the page even if it's not complete or cool looking. For an example of this phenomenon check out the toolbox on Christian Counter Culture. I especially like the fact that when you click "understanding Christianity" you get the message, "we'll be back". Did Christianity go somewhere? This could be really profound if it weren't so irritating. Grrr.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

RSS feed???

So, even though I have this blog and stuff, I'm still fairly ignorant of the everchanging world of the web--being seat of the pants and all. So, can anyone out there tell me how to set up the RSS feed on blogger. I'm only to the I-kinda-know-what-it-is phase, so theres a way to go. You'd think the directions on Blogger help were simple, but alas, apparently I am simpler.


"Frenchwoman Marries Her Dead Boyfriend"

Alright, this is just weird. This lady went and married a guy that's been DEAD since September 2002. Now I know (from experience) that grief can be a bugger, but come on; it's been over a year. The kicker is that this is all perfectly legal according to French law--as long as there's proof that the marriage was intended before the demise of the intended. Read the article here.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

SPARKS: Sparks Sign WNBA Veteran Teresa Weatherspoon

T-Spoon has joined the Sparks. Now I really gotta see some games this next season! See the article here. It's a good thing when someone who loves the game joins a team that loves the game!


There's an interesting discussion over at the Ooze blog about Spiritual Formation and the nature of the soul. Is a soul something we have or something we are? I weigh in on the side of something we are. Check out the discussion over at the Ooze.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Laura`s Mind: The Fotolog

Some new nature close-ups on the fotolog. I especially like the hidden garden